3CX IP PBX Phone Systems

Evolve your Phone Communications with 3CX

3CXUnify your communications with 3CX Phone System for Windows – an IP Phone System that completely replaces your proprietary PBX, supports standard SIP soft/hard phones, VoIP services and traditional PSTN phone lines.

3cx telnet3CX Phone System is a Windows-based IP PBX that provides superior features and flexibility at a far lower cost.  It’s easier to manage and connects to any SIP soft or hardware phones and it increases mobility as users can also connect their iPhones or Android smartphones as extensions, making their mobile devices complete as desktop phone replacements that allow them to take their office extension anywhere.  Companies make additional savings as 3CX Phone System is an IP-based PBX with no need for separate wiring as all phones use the existing computer network.

3CX Phone System is far less expensive than a traditional PBX and can reduce call costs substantially by using our VoIP Call Services and DID Number Services as a VoIP Service Provider.  Its web-based administration makes phone system management easy and eliminates the phone wiring network, allowing users to easily work remotely.

Key Features:

  • Complete phone system – Provides call switching, routing & queuingSeamless VoIP Communication across all moblile platforms - Android, iOS, iPhones, iPads, Windows OS and more
  • Purchase cost dramatically lower than a traditional hardware PBX
  • Scalable – Unlimited extensions and phone lines. No proprietary expansion modules needed!
  • Web based configuration & status indication – Easy phone system management!
  • Unified Communications – Receive voice mail via email & see user presence
  • Auto-Attendant (e.g. 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc.)
  • Reduce long distance and inter office call costs
  • No more expensive proprietary system phones – Use standard SIP phones
  • Eliminate the phone wiring and make moving offices easier
  • Easy call control, presence and extension management
  • Click to Dial & Call Pop-up for Microsoft Outlook
  • Receive & Make calls via the standard PSTN using VoIP Gateways or cards
  • Halve your phone bill by using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or Skype Connect!
  • Out of the box configuration for many VoIP Providers, VoIP Gateways, Skype™ and IP Phones3CX Partner


3CX Phone System Delivers Unified Communications – Easily and Efficiently

3CX’s innovative technology provides users with a complete suite of Unified Communications features to satisfy their every need from seeing the presence of their colleagues, to instant messaging and web conferencing … making 3CX the ideal solution! … 3CX Phone System is an open standard Windows-based IP PBX that provides superior features and flexibility at a far lower cost and replaces traditional PBX hardware phones.
  • 3CX supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers and traditional PSTN lines, and with our Mobile Device Manager (MDM) web-based management console, makes it easy to configure and eliminate the need for expensive maintenance.
  • 3CX Phone System includes a client (available for Windows, iPhone and Android) that makes call control, conferencing and other unified communications features a breeze. Users can manage their extension and their calls with just a few mouse clicks and avoid using a cryptic phone interface.
  • Save on telecommunications costs by making internal office calls free of charge, and keep your mobile number confidential by using the office caller ID.  Never miss that all important call by answering calls made to your office extension from anywhere.
  • 3CX Phone System is available in several editions based on the number of simultaneous calls (internal & external) your company makes.  Upgrades are activated instantly with a license key – there’s no need to reinstall 3CX Phone System.