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[smoothrecent]TELNET provides value-added Business Support, Telecommunications Products and Telecom Services to public and private sector organizations and clients in Latin America and the Caribbean territories.  Services include ECMS Bulk SMS Text Messaging Services, VoIP Systems and Services, Docu-Center Operations, Broadband Internet IP Communication Systems and more….Sign-Up NOW for ECMS Small Business Emergency Communications Management System


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ECMS Emergency Communications Management System - Send Bulk SMS Messages on-line or from your desktop PC to worldwide destinationsSign-Up NOW for ECMS Small Business Emergency Communications Management SystemSMS Marketing for SMS Agents and Resellers: Buy & Sell SMS Packages and Market to and for Clients – ORDER your SMS Messaging Package NOW!


FREE VoIP SIP or IAX2 Account Registration

Sign-Up for ECMS SMS Account Set-Up with FREE SMS CREDITS & Desktop PC SMS Messaging Software.Caribbean VoIP Telecom Services for Home or Business => Register Your Account for VoIP WORLDWIDE CALLING SERVICES, DID #’s & IP PBX CALL SERVICES & SYSTEMS.


3CX Partner3CX Android3CX – Easy and Efficient Unified Communications – 3CX’s Seamless Unified Communications providing users with a complete suite of features to satisfy their every need . . . making 3CX the ideal solution!



FREE VoIP SIP or IAX2 Account Registration3cx-phone-systemSign-Up for your VoIP SIP or IAX2 IP-PBX Service Account and access DID Numbers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or Worldwide  – REGISTER HERE FOR VoIP & SIP TELECOM SERVICES.



VoIP Unified Communications ServicesSignUp for a FREE VoIP AccountVoIP Unified IP-PBX SIP Communication Solutions you will love . . . integrating all of your office communications, including phone, fax, chat and web mashups . . . at a price you can afford!


3CX UC WebRTC, Click-to-Call and Video Calling

3CX Phone System introduce enhance technology that leverages WebRTC to offer web interface Click-to-Call and Video Calling permitting a customer to connect and communicate with you directly from within your website support access pages.

With Click-to-Call, website visitors can make a free voice or video call directly to a business through the internet browser, without the need to download any additional software.

Businesses can elevate a call to offer screen sharing so customers can be shown new products or offered assistance – making it a great tool for customer service.

What’s more, 3CX Phone System also provides each extension user with their own personal WebRTC call link enabling users to make video calls on the spot with anyone by sharing the call link.  This feature adds a whole new dimension to 3CX Phone System, making video calling accessible for all.

When a visitor clicks on the embedded call button, a VoIP call is initiated via 3CX Phone System directly to the business.  With 3CX’s Click-to-Call function, businesses can also elevate a call to offer screen sharing so customers can be shown new products or offered assistance, thereby providing a personalized customer service experience.

Businesses using 3CX Phone System can publish any number of call button links enabling customers to be directed to the most relevant person. As inbound calls via the click-to-call function are free, businesses can reduce the cost of expensive 800 number calls.  This new feature also includes a WordPress plugin so that it can be easily integrated into a business’s website.

“With one click customers can be immediately get connected – for free – providing a whole new customer service experience with our new ad hoc video conferencing and click-to-call functionality that provides true interoperability and Unified Communications.

In addition to many superb unified communication features of the 3CX Phone System, added New Features include:

  • New Advanced telephony features – 3CX now offers the ability to return a blind transfer call back to the transferor if the recipient cannot take the call, as well as automatic callback if the party you wish to reach is busy. What’s more, CTI Support now allows users to perform an attended transfer right from their desktop.
  • Updated 3CXPhone Mac client – now features improved echo cancellation, the ability to schedule web conferences and other enhancements, such as better phonebook handling. 3CX is one of the only IP PBX vendors to offer such a feature-rich Mac client.
  • Improved Chat feature for 3CXPhone for Windows – it is now possible to elevate chats to WebRTC calls and create web meetings within seconds.
  • New supported IP phones, VoIP providers and SIP trunks – including full support for hundreds of VoIP providers.